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Bangtan Twit :3 How to know them ?

Rap Mon does song recommendations and generally tweets in more profound (?) Korean and always does his Kim-nickname/thing he’s doing/random words and .jpg tweets, he doesn’t use much smileys or emoticons. His puppy is named Rap Monster! (I’m serious). And recently he’s been imitating Jungkook’s style of tweeting……on purpose

Jin used to always tweet with his words/sentences ending with -진 (jin) but not so much anymore.. He tweets in a manner that he’s anticipating/hoping for the responses of fans like asking for menu/meal suggestions and posting poorly Photoshopped (or Paint idek) pictures (of Jimin). Rare ㅎㅎ (heheh) and too much of ㅠㅠㅠ (crying face) His puppy is Jjang-gu~

Jungkook tweets in such a way that he sound flat in tone (or just really straightforward) so it’s most obvious when it’s him. Reason why fans, bangtan and MTV writers call him 단호 (straightforward) or 단호박 (pumpkin) - wordplay
He used to like using this ^.~ winking emoticon but doesn’t seem to use it anymore..

V’s tweets are always laced with emoticons like , ^^ and  or none at all.. He’s weird idk and also recently taken a liking to copying his Namjoon hyung in trying to do his own song recommendations and ootd-ish shots… The only one that has nameless kitties.. As of right now we only know that one of them is called Nyang-ie!

J-Hope’s tweets are the easiest to distinguish because you’ll definitely see these @.@ @-@/ @-@ faces and him talking about how things are hopeful and full of hope and 희망희망 (hopex2). His pup is called Mickey!!

Jimin’s tweets are very cute(sy) and he uses many emoticons even the emoji heart  He’s also the one that always go you missed us-right? you’re thinking of us-right? posing rhetorical questions..

Suga’s tweets were probably the first most ARMYs were able to recognise because of his trademark 응캬캬 (eungkyakya),  and now Suga Sight, ㅁ7ㅁ8 (star star) and the use of hashtags…..

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